About Us
We specialize in condensing complex artistic ideas into bite sized masterpieces that will stick in people's memories. 

Our lead designer is Josiah Detwiler. Josiah's first publicly displayed art project was created in 1997. He was an Elementary student at the time. The City of Akron was sponsoring a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine called the USS Seawolf SSN-21. Josiah's logo was the winning logo design for his age category!

Later as an adult Josiah's work as a webmaster received Congressional recognition and the "Best Hospitality Website of the Year" award from the Akron/Summit Visitors Bureau in 2011. Altogether Josiah has seven years experience in web design and website management for companies, non-profits and blogs. 

At Simplex Creative our goal is to make the complicated simple, the complex simplex! After all that's the way to eat an elephant– one bite at a time!

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